Few latest tele end shots with Digilux 2

I used my Leica Digilux 2 quite much during this summer and enjoyed a lot of its user experience and the files it produces. Below are few shots taken with the tele end (90mm equivalent) of its fantastic lens which has a fairly nice widest aperture (f/2.4) even in the tele setting.

Bikers waiting for a cable ferry


Flower buds


Iris sibirica


Hiski and Alpo


Hiski with a ball




  1. Thanks for sharing these lovely images. I, too, think the Digilux 2 is a superb camera, and I aim to use it more having now got acquainted with its worthy – and in some ways less likeable, but nevertheless good – successor, the X Vario.

  2. I agree – I have both the Leica Digilux 2 and its sister – the Panasonic Lumix LC1. Superb travel camera.

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