Some nice in-camera B&Ws with X100 and GR

Sometimes it is so great to shoot B&W photos in-camera. The best thing in this approach is that you can see a B&W image through the viewfinder or LCD. It really helps you understand things in monochrome – helps you see the gradations, tones, shadows, and highlights. Yes, I know, it is JPEGs then but usually the results are quite rewarding actually.

I have used all my cameras in B&W mode but below are some examples shot with Fuji X100 and Ricoh GR.

Back from school


Jenni the wife

Apples and bananas


  1. I couldn’t agree more about b&w and jpegs. I do it, too. (Though my friends tell me to shoot with a raw back-up, and say I would then leave my options open.) It would have been interesting to know which shots with which camera – presumably you were using standard 28mm for the Ricoh and 35mm for the X100. I haven’t bonded with my X100S, though the relationship improved (though the size was not an improvement!) when I got the teleconverter and could work at 50mm. Oh, and I like the reclining boy and the bowl of fruit very much: super framing and tonality.

  2. Thank you very much, John. First two shots were taken with X100 and last two with GR. Sometimes I even like the fact that I have only the B&W option when shooting like that (not having the RAW back-up). Less options in post-processing and that idea liberates my mind when shooting. It is quite same thing as using primes instead of zoom lenses.

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