I purchased Flowstate app this evening and tried it out both in Finnish and in English. It was quite demanding test even in Finnish. I somehow managed five minute writing in English even if I am not native speaker (or writer that is). I think Flowstate may help me to write in flow state in the future. Sometimes I am thinking too much what to write and how to edit my text during writing. Flowstate does not allow any big editing when writing. You can do that afterwards if your text still exists. Yes, that’s true – if it still exists for any edits. In Flowstate your text will vanish for good if you keep longer than five sec pauses during writing. So you really have to keep the text flowing on the screen.

Here is my first five minute text (you can specify a timer between 5 and 180  minutes) in English (you may get the idea how difficult it was to me to write it):

“Let’s start in English. Very difficult for me I believe. Seems to be tricky to keep the pace up. Wow. Truly tricky. Difficult to write any meaningful things on the screen but have to keep going. Soon this will be erased I think. Very soon. But I will try. I do not even know if the timer was put to five minutes. Hopefully so because otherwise… I will have tremendous problems. Wow again. I feel pain already. Pain in my brain, pain in my hands. Suffering all over… Unbelievable experience… Just too much. I do not believe I am doing this at this very moment. I should not try to edit. I should just write and write. Editing is your enemy in this game… Soon I will be through my first five minutes in English… Now.”


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