I am 46-year old family guy from Finland. I have a loving wife Jenni and two wonderful sons, Kaapo amd Tiitus. We also have three crazy dogs, Herkko, Hiski, and Alpo. We live in Siilinjärvi county in North-Savo district.

By profession I am an adjunct professor of environmental cell biology in University of Eastern Finland. I have a PhD in cell biology. My work consist of research, teaching, and running small and effective research group.

My main hobby is photography and I am active Flickr member.

That's me! With my new MacBook A glimpse of my new glassesMirrorie


  1. Jonne, this is great but you forgot to mention that you’re a great friend and a great person and a great photographer just some FYI.

  2. Hi, I really like your B&W photos… they have a very nice texture to them… do you use any special software or settings to the get that effect?

    Thanks a lot.

    1. Hi Robert!
      Thanks for visiting my blog! I usually use Nik Software’s Silver Efex Pro for B&W conversions and I am very pleased about the results.

      I checked your photo site and you really have many stunning captures there!

  3. Thank you for your site. I found it just yesterday when trying to learn more about my new ricoh gr. I learned a lot. (And found out that we have a similar problem with selling cams and re buying them after some time. I hate it)

    Please allow me to suggest to update the list with the blogs you follow. Some of them are not up to date. Thank you.

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