Watch the matter

One of my hobbies besides photography is wrist watches. I have a very modest collection of wrist watches and I like to read and learn about them. I have been thinking my next possible watch purchase quite a lot during the Christmas vacation. There are few possibilities what I could buy in the near future:

1. Basic (and cheap) automatic watch for everyday use: this could be a Seiko 5 for example. You can get them between 250-300 euros. Seiko manufactures all their movement calibers which is quite cool in such a cheap category.

2. If I choose quartz watch (which is quite unlikely) I would go for Seiko Kinetic (I have one with the first Kinetic movements) or for some vintage model like Seiko Twin Quartz (from 1970’s).

3. A vintage watch. Preferably from 1968 which is my birth year. Zenith would be a nice one as they have their own movements (not e.g. ETA based). You can get a nice one with 500-700 euros.

4. The most likely option would be to buy a watch from a small manufacturer like Stowa or Nomos (both German manufacturers). You can get a very nice watch from them with about 600-1000 euros. I would prefer hand-winding movement from both of them. Stowa uses nice Unitas movements and Nomos have their in-house movements.

So there you go. I think one of the above options will come true in the future. I also think that I would get a nice addition to my present collection by choosing any of those options.

Here is a short list of my present mechanical watches:

– Omega Speedmaster Professional (The Moonwatch)

– Omega Seamaster Professional Chronometer

– Omega Speedmaster Automatic

– Zenith Automatic Elite 670

– Revue Thommen Airspeed Automatic

– Mido Commander Ocean Star Datoday

– Swatch Body & Soul Automatic

– Phenix Vibroschock (from 1952; Phenix 130SC movement)

In-camera RAW development

I tested in-camera RAW development with my Ricoh GR and I have to say that I was very positively surprised about the results I got. I think it will be handy tool for some of the shots. At least I can easily develop RAWs into my beloved high-contrast B&W and get much more details when my starting point will be a RAW shot. Below is an example of this (from RAW to high-contrast B&W). I did 1×1 cropping also in-camera.

My Revue Thommen Airspeed

The beauty of a lovely watch does not vanish into the grain

My lovely Mido watch. Shines through the grain. Photographed with Ricoh GRD IV.


I love automatic and manual-winding watches

Mido Commander Ocean Star Dataday, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

Watches without batteries and quartz movement have something special in them. They are real masterpieces and I am proud to use them.

I especially like Mido, Omega, Zenith, and Revue Thommen brands.

You can see my humble collection in my Flickr watch collection set.