The only boy

Kaapo loves to dance. He has now been two years in a modern dance class and he really likes to perform this wonderful art. In addition to the artistic part dancing is very good physical exercise and improves a lot of coordination and balance. What I have been wondering about is the very low number of boys in these dancing classes. Do people still think that dancing is not enough “boyish” hobby? Anyways, Kaapo is the only boy in his dancing class. 




“I think your camera lens needs some sand!”

As a lightweight, easy-to-use standard zoom lens, the EF 35-70mm F3.5-4.5 played a central role within the early EF lens lineup. This old workhorse is actually quite nice lens. Solidly built with metal mount. Optically decent performer and size of a small prime lens. With 1.6 crop it is 56-112 mm so there you have about the traditional 50 mm and also good portrait lens in the tele region. Have to say that nowadays the kit zooms are real toys compared to this one!

Sometimes it is so nice to test older lenses with a new camera body. I think 35-70mm lens from 1987 delivers very nice sharpness and color tones.

Here are some photos taken with that wonderful lens using 400D (1.6x crop) and 5DMkII (FF) camera bodies.

Yellow ugly ducklings This is so funny book! Spider or what? More yellow fellows