Aperture 3

Kick off for spring

Kick off, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

We still have quite much snow but days are warming up and it really feels spring. Nights can be still very cold though which slow down the melting process.

Today is Finnish parliamentary election day and we went to the voting locale by bike. It was a nice little trip boys traveling in their bike cart.

Getting muddy

Getting muddy, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

Mud flying in the air and muddy clothes are a real sign that the spring has started! Our boys are taking all fun out of puddles and muddy water. It is so much fun to spalsh it everywhere and drive the toy truck through it in full power.

Adjusting my brain into Aperture mode

We are now having increasing amount of light. Actually lots of light. Why I am talking about light in this Aperture posting? Well, obviously light is the most important factor in photography. But that is not the reason in this post. The reason is noise. More light – lower ISO settings – less noise. And that is especially indoors. In the winter time I was forced to use ISO 1600-3200 (even 6400) for indoor shots. I want to use available light, so, not many other possibilities in that department. In the spring and summer ISOs indoors are between 100 and 800 usually. That means that the noise levels are totally acceptable levels with my 5D Mark II and even with my E-P1. So now I can forget Aperture’s poor noise handling and try to learn more Aperture using the shots where the noise is not irritating me.

What I find very cool with Aperture 3 is the possibility to use multiple curves adjustments for a single shot. And especially the possibility to brush them in. You can do this for other adjustment bricks too but I think curves will solve many problems. When you use multiple curves and brush them in, it is like using layers in PS (at least sort of). I have to look these adjustment possibilities more carefully and learn Aperture 3 more in the spring and summer. Nathan Smith has done a nice tutorial about multiple curves and how to brush them in.

Another thing I am starting to like more and more in Aperture when I am using it is its user interface. I have been saying to myself all the time that LRs UI is good enough for me but I have to admit that Aperture’s UI is so much better and more intuitive. I am still needing more time to process a shot in Aperture than in LR but that’s mainly because I have been using LR much longer time. I think when I develop a Aperture workflow which suits my needs, I will be faster with Aperture.

This spring and the coming  summer will be quite decisive for me if I am finally going to choose Aperture 3 over LR 3. During that time I also have to solve the noise thing for the coming autumn when the sun is not so high anymore and the days will be much shorter.

Our almost snowless driveway

Spring road, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

Signs of spring are in the air (or road)! Driveway is almost free of snow now. All other places in our yard are still very white but we can see slow process here. Well, this is already a T-shirt weather for the Finns!

A scene from the church yard

Shot from the frontyard of Kuopio Cathedral. I really like the “through the trees” scene here. On the left side is the former Bank of Finland building and on the right side Kuopio museum. It was a beautiful sunny but windy day.

He loves snow

He loves snow, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

To love snow is a quite essential ability here in Finland. Our sons do love the white stuff! I think it is a real blessing to have four totally different seasons.


Solitude, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

My kind of shot. I really love the landscape in the bokeh. It frees your thoughts.

Somber woods

Somber woods, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

It was a very dull weather yesterday and I went shooting in our yard. I looked in the forest at our backyard and took few shots of the woods. Even if the forest looks very gloomy, I like the result what I got. The photo delivers exactly the feeling I was having at that very moment. And actually those tree trunks are very beautiful if you just want to see their beauty.