iMac fever

During last days I’ve had high fever (at least +39 C at the moment) for a new iMac. I have a MacBook (not a pro model) now and I am especially longing for a bigger screen. Of course more power and speed would be nice too. I have already decided the possible iMac model too: basic 21.5′ iMac (2.5 GHz i5 processor) with 8 Gb memory plus Magic Trackpad (I’ve already have a Magic Mouse). I think that quite basic model is just nice for me (all I want) and it will be a big leap forward from my MacBook. It will cost about 1300 euros which is at my limit at the moment.

iA Writer for Mac

Above is a screenshot from Pages word processor and I am very pleased that the formatting done in iA Writer is there. Fantastic. I think iA Writer will be nice for outlining research articles and ideas. It is fast and simple. Without any clutter.

Check out more from iA Writer web site.

I am a very proud owner

I am a very proud owner, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

We have lost a great visionary. Steve Jobs was a genius who created products which all have a special feeling. I really can’t say it in any other way. You just have to feel it.

My condolences to his family. Rest in Peace Steve Jobs.

In the photo is Apple Macintosh SE 1/40 from 1988. My first Mac. Fully operational. I wrote my MSc thesis with this one.