Birthday hairdo

Tiitus wanted to have some punk attitude for his birthday party.

Tiitus 7 years old - in SuperCorner sports park


Our border terrier Herkko got 13 years old today.

About a year ago we thought that we were going to loose him. He was in a very bad condition loosing lots of fur and his movements were slow and uncoordinated. Then our vet diagnosed Cushing’s syndrome which was causing all these bad things. Now Herkko has medication for Cushing’s and he is feeling much, much better. I think he will have many good years to come.

Herkko 13 years old today

How to proceed with X-Pro1?

Earlier I stated that X-Pro1 is a great B&W camera. And that is fully true. I have decided now that I will shoot in color with it though. Then I will have the possibility to choose between different post-processing options including the fantastic B&W presets by VSCO Film. But many times I want to have color shots too. Sometimes vibrant ones and sometimes with muted colors.

Another important thing to test more is X-Pro1's RAW files. Especially now that I have faster computer (see the post below) I feel that I should give a possibility for RAWs too. Earlier I have tested them only quite occasionally. I am actually quite exited about RAW shooting now. I have looked through many great shots processed from RAW files in Flickr and those were not having that “smearing” problem.

A photo of my sons at the end of this post because they just had their birthdays and it was Father's Day yesterday:


Born 020202

Our great border terrier, Herkko, had his 10th birthday yesterday. He is such a fantastic little dog and we love him so much. When he sees a tennis ball he will be like a young puppy despite of his ten years of age. 






What’s wrapped in there?

What’s wrapped in there?, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

This shot is from Kaapo’s birthday party we arranged for his friends. They opened all presents together and as you can see they all were very excited to see what is inside the wrappings.

I am wodering how to get some new life in my photography. I think it has to be this extreme darkness around us which puts me in off mode. And of course this hectic life in which I’m immersed in at the moment. Then all the photography I am able to do is snapshots like this one. Of course it is a precious shot to remember things but otherwise it is a really bad one. I hope I’ll find a new spark for my shooting soon.

Birthday boys

Birthday boys, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

We had combined birthday party for our boys today. They enjoyed so much and it was very nice to meet some friends and relatives.

Happy birthday, Herkko!

Happy birthday, Herkko!, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

Our dear Herkko became nine years old yesterday. He is a very special family member to us and we love him deeply. His beard is quite grey already but otherwise he is like a young puppy when he sees a ball to play with.

“Happy birthday great grandmother!”

Kaapo wishing happy birthday to his great granmother at her birthday party in the above photo. She is 90-years old now. December 27th is also my mother’s birthday so big birthday wishes to her too (she is standing in the left side of the photo)!

These two remarkable women are my idols. Thank you so much for your love throughout my life.