First Open Access paper from our research group

Our Open Access paper titled “Pre-exposure to 50 Hz magnetic fields modifies menadione-induced genotoxic effects in human SH-SY5Y neuroblastoma cells” was published in PLoS ONE journal yesterday. I am so happy that we started a new era in our publishing strategy to choose an Open Access forum for our paper.

Open Access (OA) is the present day and the future of scientific publishing. OA provides papers freely to everyone. This is a very important principle in science and it will ensure that the scientific papers are not entitled to those who have a personal or a institutional subscription for a specific scientific journal. Everyone may read and download a pdf file of the Open Access paper provided that the original authors and source are credited.

Here is the conclusion of our paper:

” The results confirm our previous findings showing that pre-exposure to MFs as low as 100 µT alters cellular responses to menadione, and show that increased genotoxicity results from such interaction. The present findings also indicate that complementary data at several chronological points may be critical for understanding the MF effects on DNA damage, repair, and post-repair integrity of the genome.”

I’ll invite you to utilize the possibilities of Open Access and read and download our paper. It should be cited this way:

Luukkonen J, Liimatainen A, Höytö A, Juutilainen J, Naarala J, 2011 Pre-Exposure to 50 Hz Magnetic Fields Modifies Menadione-Induced Genotoxic Effects in Human SH-SY5Y Neuroblastoma Cells. PLoS ONE 6(3): e18021. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0018021

Here is the direct link to our paper.

Future cell biologist?

Future cell biologist?, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

We did quite a lot microscoping with Kaapo at the weekend. It is so nice to see how passionate children can be when discovering new things. We were studying plant leaves, algae, yeast cells, blood, hair, and water samples.

I was so delighted as a cell biologist how happy Kaapo was when he was able to see cells and other things through the microscope.

The microscope in the pic is Lomo Biolam research microscope (Made in USSR) capable for 945 x magnification in maximum.

Some work-related stuff

Sometimes it is so nice to have a camera with you at your workplace and document the things you do professionally. Yesterday I did that and I think I should do that more regularly.

Exposing cells to ionizing radiation

Co-60 source accelerator in Kuopio University hospital. We expose C3H10T1/2 murine fibroblasts to ionizing radiation (1 and 5 Gy doses). We investigate genomic instability processes which may be novel mechanisms for cancer initiation and development.

Our Comet Assay system

In my laboratory. Fancy Carl Zeiss Axio Imager A.1 epifluorescence microscope equipped with LED illumination system. Comet Assay IV programme package for analysing DNA damage and DNA repair.

Both photos shot with E-P1 and M.ZUIKO 14-42mm lens.