Powerful clouds

Long time no post. Again. Well, sometimes too busy for all stuff in life but I have not forgot my blog. I have lately used my fantastic Leica Digilux 2 quite much. I really love its output. It has a great 28-90 mm equivalent lens and images acquired with it certainly have some magic. The only downside is that you can not crop 5 MPix shot that much. This can also be a good thing because you have to think your composition more carefully beforehand.

Here are the beautiful clouds at summer cottage captured with Leica Digilux 2.

Powerful clouds

P.S. It is not a B&W shot.

Too many things to do

Pink evening clouds, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

I have to say that I have neglected photography lately. I’ve been too busy all the time. I think I should try to use my iPhone more in situations like this because iPhone is always with me and it is capable in taking nice shots.

My wife started in her job again (she is a midwife in university hospital) after three years at home. Her work is in three shifts so this is sometimes little bit demanding situation with Kaapo’s pre-school and Tiitus’ child-care.

Tomorrow we are celebrating Kaapo’s and Tiitus’ combined birthday parties. Kaapo will be 6 and Tiitus 3 years old.

Clouds and greenery


White clouds, blue sky, light green forest. Really a Finnish spring.

It was so stunning combo with nice light to lit the forest. Clouds were spectacular and thunder storm was approaching us. Soon after shooting this we had to run back to the summer cottage because a heavy rain started.