crop mode


I really love the 47mm crop mode which Ricoh GR acquired in the latest firmware. The GR now has the native 28mm field of view and two crop modes, 35mm and 47mm. This really elevates this camera in the new level. The difference between 28mm and 35mm is not huge (in my mind) but 47mm is of course in a different league. What I noticed, though, was that I was using almost exclusively the 47mm crop after its introduction. That could be because of the excitement about this new feature or it could be because of my preference to longer than 28mm focal lengths. This made me think about this whole situation (again). If I am towards longer than 28mm focal lengths should I use (or take to our vacation) my Fuji X-Pro1 with the fantastic Fujinon 35/1.4 lens (50mm equiv.) instead of the GR? Better IQ because of no cropping made. Well, it seems that life is never easy when pondering about the gear… 🙂

Here are just few shots taken with the 47mm crop mode (Ricoh GR).

Nuts At the playground Autumn colors