Almost 100% crop

The shot below is an almost 100% crop from a portrait oriented photo shot with a Fuji X100. That camera has a 12 MPix sensor and I think this shot nicely shows that the resolution is really fantastic (even if it has quite moderate MPix if compared to present standards) and it is possible to crop a lot. Sometimes it is very refreshing to test different crops and learn that way also a lot of compositional matters.

Old Town main street on a rainy day

Towards classics and smaller sensors

Earlier digital days I was craving for full frame sensors. I thought they would provide some additional value for my photography. But FF mainly provided frustration. Well, of course I have to admit that I got some nice narrow DoF and bokeh shots but many times I was struggling.

If I now go through my present camera gear, it seems that I am going towards smaller sensors. Few years ago I would never believed this to happen. Now my cameras have the following sensor sizes: 1/1.7″, 2/3″, 1″, and APS-C.

And all of my present cameras are kind of classics or even cult devices. I have Leica Digilux 2 (introduced 2003), Fuji X100 (introduced 2010), Nikon 1 V1 (introduced 2011), and Fuji X-Pro1 (introduced 2012).

Oh, almost forgot that soon there will be Ricoh GRD IV too. 🙂

GR goes cinematic

I decided to test panoramic/cinematic cropping with few Ricoh GR shots. I didn’t want to use the usual 16:9 aspect ratio but went to a more panoramic one, 12:5 (2,4:1). Why I chose that kind of an aspect ratio? No special reason for that, it just pleases my eye more than 16:9. I tested 12:5 aspect ratio for some shots taken at our Kallavesi lake cruise. I processed these shots with my LR preset based on VSCO Film Fuji Provia 100F which gives you quite boosted vivid colors. I am not totally sure if I like these. 🙂 But sometimes it is just nice to try some other approach in cropping than the usual ones.

Red railing View towards harbour area Vessel approaching