Byword test

Blog post by Byword

Now I am testing Byword writing app to write a simple blog post to WordPress. I have already tried out iA Writer which I really, really like for writing but it has one major disadvantage for blog writing. I couldn’t find out how to easily import an HTML file to WP and there is no way to just copy an iA Writer document as an HTML file and then paste it to WordPress. But Byword has that option. If it is working (and I will see that soon), I am really going to like Byword.

Byword is a “distraction-free” writing app as are e.g. iA Writer and WriteRoom. Byword has little bit more preferences to twek with than iA Writer (well iA Writer has no preferences at all) but otherwise these two programms are quite similar ones. Well, I do miss that gorgeous Nitti font which iA Writer uses!

I am just hoping to see iPhone versions of Byword and iA Writer. I think there will be an app for iPhone from iA Writer but I have not seen any info about such plans concerning Byword. If there will be iPhone app from either of them I will definitely purchase one. I would like to have this kind of a writing app in more mobile format.

I can say that these “distraction-free” writing apps are able to increase my productivity. I have now started to write a short novel using this kind of apps. This novel project has been my long-time dream for many, many years.