Our border terrier Herkko got 13 years old today.

About a year ago we thought that we were going to loose him. He was in a very bad condition loosing lots of fur and his movements were slow and uncoordinated. Then our vet diagnosed Cushing’s syndrome which was causing all these bad things. Now Herkko has medication for Cushing’s and he is feeling much, much better. I think he will have many good years to come.

Herkko 13 years old today

Three recent shots and why I like them

Decided to pick three shots I photographed lately and tell few words about them. There will be some emotional and technical aspects included.

This is a shot of our oldest dog, border terrier Herkko. He is the best dog in the world and that's why the perfect subject for photography. Nowadays he is sleeping on the couch quite a much like in this shot. I tested here my new Ricoh GR camera and its fantastic high contrast in-camera B&W preset. I tweaked the preset little bit and I find this tweaking possibility very nice feature to have. Sharpness of the paw area is fantastic as is the bokeh even if his head is next to the paw (this was shot at f/2.8). I really love the subtle grain which ISO 1600 offers here. The overall looks is quite rough but I really like it.

The above shot was taken in a cloudy day and I was really surprised how nicely Ricoh GR managed the exposure. The colors are spot on here. It is just a rusty grain mill but somehow it got new life in this shot. For this I mean that I have passed it many times but now it has a different meaning to me. Quite difficult to explain actually but I know many of you readers may know what I mean. The GR is a compact camera with a big heart and soul. That I can say.

Third shot is about APS (Advanced Photo System) film cartridge I found from a box when I was going through my things. Then I realized that my Fuji X-Pro1 (well, the GR too) has an APS-C sized sensor. So, I saw a duel here. Film-age APS vs. digital-age APS. It was a concept to me which I wanted to shoot. For this shot I used a 50 year old lens, Asahi Pentax Super-Takumar 55mm F 1.8 wide open. I just love how it renders and how beautiful bokeh it produces. And it is so fantastic to focus manually, so smooth. The above shot is a JPEG B&W from the camera. Have to say that the X-Trans sensor makes some beautiful JPEGs.

I love this hobby.

Born 020202

Our great border terrier, Herkko, had his 10th birthday yesterday. He is such a fantastic little dog and we love him so much. When he sees a tennis ball he will be like a young puppy despite of his ten years of age. 






Little Dumbo

Little Dumbo, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

Yeah, that’s our little Dumbo playing ball with his dad, Hiski. Alpo is very fast moving little fellow even if the lawn is quite high as you see.

It is so much fun to watch them play together but almost impossible to photograph because of their fast pace.

On the rocks

On the rocks, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

Alpo is incredibly fast for his size. So we have to be very alert when he is in the yard without leash. He is a very wonderful boy. Learning things and life in fast pace. I see lots of Hannes (our dachshund who died two years ago) in Alpo. And of course lots of Hiski (obviously as Hiski is his father).

I know that Alpo is going to be a nice dachshund with lots of character and stubbornness. Those are the things which make this small breed a bigger dog than their physical size may indicate.

In his new bed

In his new bed, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

Alpo came home today. He is so great fellow with lots of courage.

Hiski (the 9 year old dachshund) who is Alpo’s father, went totally crazy when Alpo arrived. Well, we kind of knew that it could happen but it still was littlebit a surprise. Eventually Alpo got tired and went in his bed to sleep and Hiski was sleeping on the floor beside the bed. Hiski was kind of guarding Alpo.

Friends forever

Friends forever, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

Alpo is coming home today evening. We are so much waiting for him. He is a miniature wirehaired dachshund and our Hiski (9 years old dachshund) is Alpo’s father. After our dear Hannes died two years ago we have been missing a third dog. Sounds quite crazy but it is so.

I will be posting more pics of Alpo after his arrival. It is always so nice to have a new family member!

Happy birthday, Herkko!

Happy birthday, Herkko!, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

Our dear Herkko became nine years old yesterday. He is a very special family member to us and we love him deeply. His beard is quite grey already but otherwise he is like a young puppy when he sees a ball to play with.