Need for viewfinder?

I have four cameras at the moment of which three have viewfinders. My Fuji X-Pro1 has both electronic and optical viewfinders (EVF and OVF), Nikon 1 V1 has an EVF as does my Leica Digilux 2 whereas my Ricoh GR has neither of them. Even if my Digilux 2 has a crappy EVF I feel that it is a pleasure to rise that camera to my eye and use that EVF. Same with V1 and X-Pro1 which have modern viewfinders. I’ll get more intimate feeling using a viewfinder. I’ll become one with the camera. The feeling is quite hard to explain but it gives you a great user experience. And I have the possibility to choose between the LCD and a viewfinder with those cameras. Of course I am using the LCD quite a much actually depending on the photographic situation. But I still have the option to choose.

How do you feel? Is a viewfinder a must for you?

This kind of a pondering is always hazardous to me because it may easily lead me to think of new gear. That’s why I should try to relax on this matter.