Test post from Blogsy

Just a quick test using Blogsy for iPad to write a blog post here. This app seems to have very nice formatting tools and nice handy link to my Flickr account to attach photos here. Let’s try to include one Christmas shot here:



What’s wrapped in there?

What’s wrapped in there?, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

This shot is from Kaapo’s birthday party we arranged for his friends. They opened all presents together and as you can see they all were very excited to see what is inside the wrappings.

I am wodering how to get some new life in my photography. I think it has to be this extreme darkness around us which puts me in off mode. And of course this hectic life in which I’m immersed in at the moment. Then all the photography I am able to do is snapshots like this one. Of course it is a precious shot to remember things but otherwise it is a really bad one. I hope I’ll find a new spark for my shooting soon.

Lunch in a Chinese restaurant

Kaapo is here thinking about which kind of lunch he is going to get. It was the first time our sons got Chinese food and they liked it. Some dishes were litlle bit too spicy but in general it was a real success and I am sure we will visit there again.

Birthday boys

Birthday boys, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

We had combined birthday party for our boys today. They enjoyed so much and it was very nice to meet some friends and relatives.

Too many things to do

Pink evening clouds, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

I have to say that I have neglected photography lately. I’ve been too busy all the time. I think I should try to use my iPhone more in situations like this because iPhone is always with me and it is capable in taking nice shots.

My wife started in her job again (she is a midwife in university hospital) after three years at home. Her work is in three shifts so this is sometimes little bit demanding situation with Kaapo’s pre-school and Tiitus’ child-care.

Tomorrow we are celebrating Kaapo’s and Tiitus’ combined birthday parties. Kaapo will be 6 and Tiitus 3 years old.

Now we can iMessage

My wife got iPhone few days ago. I remember some five years ago when we were about the purchase our first shared iMac and she was very much against changing from PC to Mac. Now she is a real Mac advocate and I am very proud of her. She is always recommending Macs and other Apple products to her friends.

Leaves, leaves, leaves

Leaves, leaves, leaves, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

Soon they’ll throw snowballs! We have already had some minus degrees (C) in the night time and some mornings have been quite “crispy”. Haven’t had so much time for photographing that I’d wanted though.

On the rocks

On the rocks, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

Alpo is incredibly fast for his size. So we have to be very alert when he is in the yard without leash. He is a very wonderful boy. Learning things and life in fast pace. I see lots of Hannes (our dachshund who died two years ago) in Alpo. And of course lots of Hiski (obviously as Hiski is his father).

I know that Alpo is going to be a nice dachshund with lots of character and stubbornness. Those are the things which make this small breed a bigger dog than their physical size may indicate.