film effect

Signature look?

Have you ever tried to create a signature look for your photos? I certainly have tried. I am pleased to my achievements for a certain time after which I will change my mind. Usually I am going back to more natural look. For that “natural” look it is very important how the camera renders the image I am going to see in my computer monitor.

For color shots I have tried out desaturated look. I think I have found quite good adjustments for that in Lightroom. But using the desaturated look for a while I am not happy anymore. I am craving colors back. Here are some examples of my desaturated look.

There are times when I am very much into B&Ws. I have made my own B&W preset in Lightroom and many times I really like the results. Here are some B&Ws processed by using my own preset.

In addition to my own B&W preset I use VSCO Film presets for post-processing. I really love those presets because they are not made through any plug-in which always generate those huge TIFF files.

So it seems to be a long road to a signature look.


Brown is all you need

Brown is all you need, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

For the above photo I tested Nik’s Color Efex Pro and its film effect filters. My long time favorite of those filters is Kodak Ektachrome 64 Pro which is used here. I just love how it renders the colors.

There was, however, one problem after using that film filter. Tiitus’ hand became quite red, i.e. it was not looking good at all. But no problem in fixing it because Color Efex Pro has the Control Point feature of Nik products. I used negative (minus) control point for his hand and the film effect was removed from that area in the shot. Just great!