film emulation

Slight toning

I haven’t had much time (and if I am frank, not much interest in) for shooting lately. I have, however, tested some new approaches in post-processing. I have been a long time VSCO Film user and I have been quite happy with their presets. I decided to try out Replichrome film emulations from Totally Rad Inc. though. I have to say that I love Replichrome! It gives more organic look than VSCO Film. Just can’t wait if Totally Rad will make additional film emulations available. At the moment most emulations are the same films than in VSCO 01 pack. For B&Ws Replichrome has the fantastic Kodak Plus-X 125 which I find really nice and this one is not included in VSCOs films. I tried Plus-X out with quite a few old shots and I was very pleased about the results. For the shots below I tweaked the emulation and added a slight toning. I think the toning adds extra mood which pleases me.

Lit clouds Alert