Long-awaited Auto ISO and some other stuff

Yesterday I downloaded firmware 3.1 for my Fuji X-Pro1. This newest FW includes the long-awaited implementation of the minimum shutter speed for Auto ISO. And I have to say that I am very much pleased to it. The fastest shutter speed that you can select is 1/500 s which is great. I usually like to use something in range of 1/125 – 1/320 s to freeze the action and keep the ISO in the acceptable range in the same time. Another big feature addition in this FW is the possibility to change aperture and shutter speed when the shutter button is half pressed and get immediate feedback of those changes in the viewfinder or LCD. Very cool and so needed feature. After this FW I am enjoying my X-Pro1 even more.

Yesterday we were at the skiing slopes and I had my X-Pro1 with me. All had great time.

Kaapo and Niilo at the slopes

At last…

…the minimum shutter speed can be selected for Auto ISO in Fuji’s X-Pro1! New 3.10 firmware is coming out on 5th of December and it will include this important and so much expected feature. After this FW the Auto ISO is really usable in X-Pro1 and I will be using it instantly. You will be able to go down to 1/500 seconds which is great.

Another great improvement will be that aperture and shutter speed can be changed once AE lock is selected. Cool!

Thumbs up for Fuji for caring and listening their customers.

Should I be bold?

Still trying to figure out my vacation camera question. I just noticed that there is new firmware available for my Ricoh GR and that FW adds 47mm crop mode which sounds interesting. After this addition GR is able to shoot 28mm, 35mm, and 47mm (and also 21mm with a wide-angle lens). Actually so interesting news that the GR may be my sole camera for our Canary Islands vacation. It is so easy to carry with, has a great IQ and very nice ISO performance, is equipped with that fantastic TAv mode I am using all the time, includes snap focus and also on-board flash if needed. I also love the automatic ND filter which allows shooting wide open in bright outdoor lighting.

I have been thinking to take my Nikon 1 V1 with 18.5/18 and 10-30mm lenses with me but I am not so sure anymore. I had also another option in my mind: to take Ricoh GR and my Fuji X-Pro1 (with 35/1.4 lens). Now that Ricoh implemented that 47mm crop mode I feel that I do not need to take X-Pro1 with me. I would like to take as light and small camera gear as possible. It seems the GR may be the best option for that. I know these crop modes are not perfect as they reduce resolution (I think 35mm crop mode is 10 Mpix, and 47mm crop mode about 5.6 Mpix) but I think there will be enough pixels for casual shooting.

Have to test that 47mm crop mode this evening!