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In need of fixed prime lens

Definitely. Small camera with a fixed prime lens. Want one. Not totally sure yet if it will be an X100S or GR. I've read now quite many reviews on X100S and I am very convinced about it. I was enjoying my late X100 and can't see why I would not enjoy its improved version. Ricoh GR is still little bit of a mystery to me but of course mysteries are intriguing.

A sunflower to brighten your day! Shot with X100, btw.

Which are my fixed prime lens camera options at the moment?

I am almost obsessed for cameras having a fixed prime lens. I have one of those at the moment – Fuji X100. And I love it. But there are also other nice options for me in addition to X100. Why I am posting this? Well, I am really tired to changing lenses and feeling that surplus of different lenses (as was the situation when I had Canon 5D Mk II) is limiting my creativity and giving me a feeling that I am suffocating in technical stuff. I want to have a simple and great camera. This is not an easy question though. Those fixed prime lenses vary a lot in their focal length, maximum aperture and of course also in IQ-wise. Then there are very different sensor sizes. And many kind of usability.

Fuji X100 is a great camera as I have stated earlier. So, what’s the problem, man? I think all this writing about these things reflects my difficulties with Fuji X-Pro1. It is a great camera too. But is it a great camera for me? I may consider selling my X-Pro1 if I can find a good fixed prime lens option to replace it. Wow, did I say that?! Well, anyways, here are few words about the options I know at the moment (if you know some else, please let me know):

Sigma DP1/2. I do not know much about these. Sensor is different than other’s but that’s it. Somehow I feel that there are better ones at the moment. So, maybe not an option. About 1000 euros.

Ricoh GRD IV. I am quite much interested in this one. It has a small sensor and not so good ISO performance but it would nicely complement my X100. Very pocketable and fast focusing with its hybrid focus system. I have heard lots of positive comments on its “snap focusing” system too. Nice 28mm lens. Simple to use. About 450 euros.

Leica X2. Well, it is a Leica. Everybody loves Leica. APS-C sized sensor and very good Leica lens. Quite much in par with X100 in many respects but having no EVF/OVF. About 1750 euros. Expensive but it is a Leica. 🙂

Sony RX1. Full Frame, FF. WOW. I saw some shots at Steve Huff’s site. WOW. Just unbelievable ISO performance. Very nice Carl Zeiss lens. No EVF, that’s a minus. About 2800 euros. Sigh. For this one I should sell my X100 too.

You can freely guess which one of those I want to have. Just crazy…