Am I a B&W photographer?

I have been lately heavily into B&W photography. Nowadays, every time I shoot a color shot I have a need to convert it to a B&W capture. And I have been shooting in-camera B&Ws a lot lately. It also seems so that others like my B&W work more than my color shots. Recently five of my latest B&W shots have been in Explore in Flickr. My shots have been in Explore now and then but this kind of explore rush hour is not normal for my photos. Not that I am that much into Explore but of course it is nice that people are interested in my photos.

This shots has got 26 500 views in Flickr in less than a day. All I can say is Thank You.

A fly

I just hate the new photo experience in Flickr!

Hate, hate, and once more hate!

Is there any possibility to go back the old one?! I guess not.

Actually the new photo experience gave me great laughs too. The camera icon for Fuji X-Pro1 was like a Polaroid camera! Wow.

In a Flickr style this “improvement” arrived like a bomb. Of course I knew that they were making it and I tested less than a minute the beta version but still… Bam and it was there!

Plus sides of Flickr

1. Wonderful friends and contacts. I have 714 contacts at the moment (so not too overly amount) and something like 50 friends. They are the biggest asset of Flickr.

2. Fast to add faves and comments from the new homepage without opening the photo. Shots are big enough to see them clearly.

3. Recent Activity page is as before. I am using this page a lot to see what is happening.

4. Easy to embed photos to my WordPress blog. Flickr also works nicely with iPad Blogsy blogging app which I am using.

Now that I have tested few photo sites (e.g. 1x, 500px, Ipernity) in addition to Flickr it seems that I do not have time to use many (not even two) sites simultaneously. I have also my blog to care for.

The new Flickr has changed my Flickr behavior already

Now that we have all new Flickr my way to use it has changed. In the old school version I was almost never using Flickr homepage but I was always in my photostream page. Now I am using Flickr homepage a lot. From there I can see the new shots from my contacts (and also straight possibility to comment and fave them), comments for my shots (and other’s I have already commented on), glimpse of my groups and some shots from Explore.

I find the new Flickr homepage better than the old one. At least I am using it now way more than before. I think the main problem with the new UI is in the photostream page which is lagging some useful information it has in the old version. It is interesting to see how things evolve from this.

$49.99 for Ad Free?

My grandmotherWith his new excavatorReflected from the library windowC-cassettes are back in fashionMy little helperZetor and the boys
Shooting SP in waterfall settingLots of steps aheadTiitus at Korkeakoski waterfallKaapo's dance show "Motorcycles"An old cowshedTiitus walking with me
Kaapo100+"Painted" in yellowRiver flows beneathFireplace selfieFrozen stream
Baja OwlReading the school homeworkHeavy workBranchesPlaying with his MacBookLong way to go

I somehow like the new Flickr looks but I am not so sure if I want to pay 50 USD for ad-less approach. I do not even know how Flickr would look like with the ads.

This needs some thinking to do. How to proceed? I would like to be a Flickr member because of those many fantastic friends I have there.

Lovely Flickr Explore

I have never understood how Flickr Explore picks up the photos which will be presented in the Explore photostream. And I do not actually care. All I can say that it is a lovely system because you can get casual everyday snapshots in Explore. The shot below is a very good example of that. Just my son Tiitus helping me out with the firewood. It is a great memory and actually an exploration of life for Tiitus. Maybe that is why it was in Explore.

Flickr and the exposure/brightness of the shots

I am a long-time Flickr user since July 2005. Lately I have been more and more irritated by the exposure or brightness change in my photos when I compare a photo in the Flickr front page vs. photo page vs. Light box. Of course there is also change in photo size when doing this comparison but I do not see so dramatic change in e.g. Lightroom when I compare a shot with a white background vs. a black one.

I feel that if people are seeing my shots in the front page of my photostream or even in the particular photo’s page the brightness of the shot is not the right one. Not that what I intended it to be. The effect is most prominent in the shadow areas.

You can test this with almost any shot in my photostream.

I am not leaving Flickr for this. No way. I have so many wonderful contacts and friends there.

Thoughts and ideas

Thoughts and ideas, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

I bought a moleskine-type notebook for writing down my thoughts and ideas about photography and Flickr. I hope this notebook will be handy when I am out of ideas and I can open it and recall some concepts for my photography. Let’s see how this is going to work and if I am active in writing notes in it.