Finnish forest

Another great Flickr group about Finland. Forest is a very special place for us Finns. It is our soul and it provides a place for relaxing.

Check out this group:

Finnish forest – Finländsk skog – Suomalainen metsä

Sun rises through forest

More cool Flickr groups about Finland

These are so great Flickr groups to check out Finnish seasons:





Get your Flickr account

If you are into photography I warmly suggest you to get your own Flickr account and join the community. For me Flickr is everyday source of inspiration in photography. I have also met so many wonderful people in Flickr and even if I haven’t seen them in person I can easily call many of them my friends. Just go to the Flickr pages ( and browse through photos and people’s photostreams. Open your own account (yes, there is also a free one) and upload some shots. Connect with some other photographers and mark them as your contacts. You will very soon notice what I mean here.

A sign of Autumn

Above mushroom shot with Canon 5D Mark II and Canon 200/2.8 L lens.