focus peaking

Fuji X-Pro1 Ver. 3.00

Fuji’s newest firmware for X-Pro1 and XF lenses is here and I downloaded it and tested shortly the new focus peaking feature. I used my Asahi Pentax Super-Takumar 55mm F1.8 lens for the test.

Few words about Fuji’s focus peaking implementation. You can now select focus peaking from the MF assist menu. It is possible to choose from high or low level of focus peaking but the color will always be a white one. From the same menu you can also choose the standard MF assist (which means magnification only without focus peaking). There is much faster way to change between focus peaking and standard MF assist though. If you apply a long push to the selection wheel on the back side of the camera you can nicely change back and worth between these two options. Shorter push will get you in a magnified view. You can scroll between 3x and 10x magnification by this same wheel and now it is working in both directions which I find a good thing.

My first impression of focus peaking was that I may start to use this feature. You read it right. I may. I didn’t find much difference between low and high setting of focus peaking. Maybe the high setting was little bit clearer. I feel that high setting could be even more prominent. White color of the focus peaking is problematic with certain subjects and that’s why I would really like to see some additional color options (e.g. red) in the future FWs. I found that for me it was easiest to use focus peaking with 3x magnification. Not too wobbly with the 55mm (83mm equiv.) focal length and I was able to see the focus peaking clearly.

As I have two manual-only focus lenses (55mm and 135mm) I am very happy to have the focus peaking feature. There are few points which should be improved but this certainly is already making manual focusing more pleasurable than before ver. 3.00.