It is so good to have some snow!

Snow brings so much light to our lives here in deep north. October and Novermber are so dark months, so snow is always most welcome thing. And of course our sons enjoy snow so much!



I love these dramatic clouds combined with some sunshine, ice, and fog! It was such a great scene. Ice are now gone and the water is free at that site. I really like that spring time is finally here.

Here is another shot where you can see the melting ice better:

Fog is rising

Freezing fog

It was a stunning sight last afternoon when freezing fog was emerging during a rapid temperature drop from -2 C to -10 C. These kind of phenomena are quite interesting ones. You can read more about fog classification here. The below photo was shot just few moments before the sunset. The sun was setting down behind my back.

Freezing frost

Shot with Olympus E-P1 and M.ZUIKO 14-42 mm lens.