Fotodiox EOS-FX adapter

X-Pro1 with Voigtländer 90mm F3.5 SL II (EF-mount)

I have tried to sell this fantastic Voigtländer lens for a some time now but nobody has been really interested in it. Quite funny because it is a stellar manual focus lens for Canon SLRs. I really enjoyed it with my 5D Mk II. Well, I still have it but no Canon cameras, so I decided to test it with my Fuji X-Pro1. I found a cheap adapter (EOS-FX) from Fotodiox. This adapter is a very basic one having no electronical contacts. This means that I am limited to widest aperture (F3.5) with this lens because it does not have an aperture ring even if it is a full manual focus lens. This is of course quite a big minus. But I decided to test it anyways.

Fotodiox EOS-FX adapter seems to be nicely manufactured and it fits very well on the camera body as well as on the lens. The Voigtländer is a very heavy lens as compared to Fuji's XF lenses and I felt that the balance between the camera body and the lens was not optimal. At least this caused some problems hand-holding the camera in a steady manner. I have to admit that I had quite big problems to focus the lens properly when hand-holding the camera. The 90mm focal length corresponds 135mm in 35mm format. I couldn't get a proper focus using 1x magnification so I had to use 3x magnification. I find 3x very nice with Fuji's XF lenses but with 90mm heavy Voigtländer it was a different story. Almost impossible to me by hand-holding. Remember that I was limited to F3.5. The DoF is not very broad with that aperture. Of course the situation is different when using a tripod. Even then it was best to shoot some still objects. I found shooting portraits quite difficult even with a tripod.

To summarize, I think it is better to use lenses which have the ability to adjust aperture. This was quite silly test I think but I still may find some use for this lens with X-Pro1. One thing I didn't test this time was to try out Voigtländer's close-up lens. I will try that out later on and maybe post some close-up shot taken with that combination. Of course the wide aperture may have limitations for that kind of use. Below are few shots from my testing:

X-Pro1 with Fotodiox adapter and the Voigtländer lens.