How about 5 megapixels and through a window?

Well, it seems to work out very nicely. At least if you have a Leica Digilux 2 with its brilliant Vario-Summicron lens. I think the details are incredible for a such low resolution camera. It surely was a magical moment to see the shot below on a computer screen. I actually have thought about to get another Leica someday. Maybe M8. I know it has its quirks but I think it would be fantastic B&W camera with some nice Leica lens. But we’ll see. As usually.

 A view through our library room  window

So nice to have a decent mobile phone camera

I am so happy that my iPhone 6 has a good camera. It was an extremely nice day today and I was able to get few nice shots of trees covered in frost. I absolutely prefer ”real” cameras but my phone is always with me. iPhone 6 is a very capable device to shoot at least in good light.

Trees at University

Trees at Tiitus' pre-school

Frost with Ricoh GRD IV

I love the fact that the minimum focus distance is only 1 cm with Ricoh GRD IV. That makes this camera very cool device for close-ups. By shooting so close to your subject you can achieve nice background bokeh and the small sensor still allows enough DoF to get sharp shots.

Frost Frost again

Low temps and frost lately

We have had very cold weather lately (- 32 C or so) and trees are now extremely beautiful because of thick frost on their branches. This kind of weather is not any unusual situation here in Finland though. It is normal winter for us. The lowest temp what we have had at our place was – 42 C in February 2007.  Here are few photos from the past days. Hopefully they look like cold.






Blue skies, white birches

Blue skies, white birches, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

The birches in our yard were so stunningly beautiful yesterday morning. Frost was so pure white and it was flickering nicely in the sunshine. Sky was totally blue without any clouds. The air smelled spring even if we still have some 75 cm snow everywhere.

Today we are not having any blue skies. Dark clouds are over us and we are having a heavy snow fall at the moment.

Beautiful road

For a long time we are having nice sunny days. It has been only dull grey days for few weeks so sunshine is really appreciated. It was also very cold today, -28 C when I shot this photo. Trees are beautiful because having snow covers.

Our birches

These are the beautiful frosty birches in our yard today. It has been so stunningly beautiful weather (even if not so much sun shine) and trees and bushes look so marvellous. It is a pity that I haven’t had much time for shooting lately. At working days the outdoor shooting is almost impossible because darkness arrives just after 3 p.m. at this time of year. But our direction is spring time and lots more light! It is coming but slowly.

Young birches

This was mid-day in Finland in 5th of December. Now it is even darker. Weather was quite dull but the birches were fantastic.

It is possible to find really unique photo oppportunities when we have the darkest time of the year. It just needs more trying because not so much light available.