Got this new baby recently. I am a long-time X100 user (since it was introduced) and now this newest iteration is here! Wow, lots and lots of improvements but the basic feeling is the same; encouraging to do some photography.



Fuji TCL-X100 tele converter indoors

In an earlier post I wrote that I like the TCL-X100 in outdoor shooting. And that is very true. Indoors the situation is little bit different. Or at least I have somehow mixed feelings.

50 mm focal length is very nice for portraits indoors. Much better than the 35 mm equivalent lens which X100 series cameras have. What is also very nice is that the tele converter does not have any effect on the widest aperture which remain to be f/2. This really sounds nice but what I have noticed so far the f/2 – 2.8 area will not provide tack sharp shots. Of course this will be the situation also with the X100’s lens anyways, so maybe the tele converter does not make the situation worse.

From f/2.8 the sharpness is acceptable but of course I would have liked to use wider apertures in indoor shooting because of the challenging lighting conditions. Because X100 does not have any image stabilization I have to keep the shutter speed at least in 1/50 s range, preferably faster to provide sharp captures. This will of course mean that ISO will go up. With the X100 ISO 1600 is still acceptable in color captures and ISO 3200 with B&Ws. And if I have to use apertures between 2.8 and 4 the ISO will be almost every time between 1600 and 3200.

All in all, I like the TCL-100 in indoors shooting when taking B&W captures. In monochromes some noise is even beneficial but in color shots noise may make the colors look like little bit mushy.

Kaapo and Tommi

1/40, f/2.8, ISO 3200

My Photokina eye-on list

Here is what I am waiting from Photokina 2014:


  • X-Pro2 or at least some news about the X-Pro1 successor.
  • X200, this will be very interesting one for me as I have the original X100 and have no intentions to buy X100S.
  • Not a Photokina news but the coming Fujinon 90/2 lens will be very interesting one!


  • GR successor or GR with different lens, i.e. normal or short tele version.
  • or how about B&W-only sensor?


So that is basically my short list. How about yours?

Nallikari scene

I thought I should post something else than GRD IV shots for a change. Here is one shot with my Fuji X-Pro1 and 18-55mm zoom lens last June at Nallikari beach, Oulu, Finland. I really like how this zoom lens renders. It is very sharp and without any major distortions. People on the pier and the ship really make this capture special to me.

Nallikari lighthouse cafeteria


Dubrovnik, Croatia, what a beautiful place to visit. I was there only four days with my wife to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary but both of us fell in love for this place almost immediately. Old culture, old buildings, beautiful Adriatic Sea, and very friendly people. What more can you wish.

Greetings from Dubrovnik, Croatia! 10-year Anniversary Old Town posters "Large" cup of coffee in Old Town Large Onofrio Fountain Old Town roofs I Old Town roofs II Candles in a church

What comes to camera gear I had only my Fuji X100 with me (plus iPhone) and it served me wonderfully throughout the trip. No hassling with lens changes or zooming – just shooting. Very liberating. Its 35mm equivalent lens is really a gem for general shooting. And JPEGs all the way; with Fuji cameras (X100 and X-Pro1 which I own) I do not shoot RAWs anymore. Really no need for that. I used OVF 99% of the time and really enjoyed that too.

Reasons for GR –> X100 move

My beloved Fujifilm X100 arrived to today. It was a nice moment to open the package. Great reunion. I got a fantastic Leicatime half-case for it too and they say that this case is the Bentley of the half-cases. It surely feels great and is top-quality. But more of the Leicatime case later. Now I want to share my reasons to switch from Ricoh GR to Fuji X100.

I think one of the main reasons is the X100’s fantastic viewfinder. It seems I want one even if I am not using a viewfinder all the time. But I like to have options and X100 offers three options to me: an LCD, an EVF, and an OVF. It is so great feeling to rise the camera on the eye and become as a one entity with the camera. Of course holding camera using a viewfinder stabilizes the camera nicely too.

Number two reason is the focal length. I felt that the GR’s 28mm lens was too wide for me many times. I couldn’t get a proper grip to that wide focal length. It may seem that 28mm and 35mm are close to each other but in reality it is not so in this wide angle area. 35mm is so much easier to me.

Another asset is the full stop faster lens in the X100. F/2.0 versus F/2.8. Important thing especially in indoor shooting and gives better background blur and bokeh.

The above things were the main things to make me decide. But there are many others though. I like the feel of X100 more than of the GR. Fuji is nicer in hand and feel more pleasurable to use IMO. There are those sweet aperture and shutter speed rings in X100. Old school way. Me like. It is much easier to move the focus point in X100 and I use that feature quite a lot. Manual focus is better implemented in X100 providing nice focus peaking and a real (even if by-wire) focus ring on lens. I like Fuji’s JPEGs more than GR’s. Fuji’s colors are more pleasing to me in JPEGs. Just better. Spot metering on X100 is working much better than in GR. I am using also that in many instances. And last but not least, Fuji has better high ISO performance (at least at ISO 3200-6400).

So, here you go. My reasoning in brief. My X100 story is similar to my X-Pro1 story. Buy a brand new, sell it, and buy back as a used one. But I am not going to sell them again. My goal is going to have all-Fuji stuff (maybe I will keep my Leica Digilux 2 in addition to them).

Welcome back!

At last…

…the minimum shutter speed can be selected for Auto ISO in Fuji’s X-Pro1! New 3.10 firmware is coming out on 5th of December and it will include this important and so much expected feature. After this FW the Auto ISO is really usable in X-Pro1 and I will be using it instantly. You will be able to go down to 1/500 seconds which is great.

Another great improvement will be that aperture and shutter speed can be changed once AE lock is selected. Cool!

Thumbs up for Fuji for caring and listening their customers.

Good news for X-photographers

Fujifilm has announced X-E2 X-Trans sensor camera and it seems to have quite many great improvements. For me the increased AF speed (by adding in-sensor phase detection and a faster processor) is of course one of the biggest things. Another big one is the possibility to choose minimum shutter speed when using the auto-ISO feature. This makes auto-ISO usable. There are many other additions and improvements and I would advice you to read Patrick LaRoque’s first impressions from his great blog.

What I am really waiting for is the X-Pro2. I would like to have an optical viewfinder in addition to electronic one. And I hope Fujifilm would provide now at least a FW to add the possibility to choose minimum shutter speed in auto-ISO for us X-Pro1 users. We have been waiting and waiting for that feature.

All in all, I am very pleased to see how nicely X-serie cameras evolve. Big thumbs up, Fujifilm!