Fuji X-Pro1 it is!

I have gone through lots and lots of shots taken with my cameras and after that process it seems quite clear to me that I am going to take my Fuji X-Pro1 with me to our vacation. Why so?

You really can’t beat the IQ of X-Pro1 and XF 35mm/1.4 combo with my other cameras. You can get nice thin DoF and so pleasing bokeh with that combo. I have always been little bit towards longer focal lengths so the 50 mm equivalent is a good general purpose lens for me. And I would like to see how versatile I could be just with one lens. It would be possible to take my Ricoh GR in addition to X-Pro1 but I have noticed that if I have got two cameras with me I almost never use them both. A zoom lens would of course be a wise solution but I actually hate zooming and love high-quality prime lenses. And I do not have a zoom for my X-Pro1 (I am not into getting one at the moment). I already have two batteries for my X-Pro1 which is great at vacation. What I should do is to buy an extra SD card though. I have now one 16 Gb and one 8 Gb cards but I should get another 16 Gb one. After that I will be all set up.

One more thing. My wife is a very keen photographer and she will have her Olympus XZ-2 zoom compact with her in our vacation. So I do not have to take photos of every happening and still those family moments will be captured.

I have been practicing the back-button focusing with my X-Pro1 and AF really seems to be considerably faster that way.

Here is one X-Pro1 shot for you to enjoy. 🙂

Bored to my photography

Four latest shots with four different cameras

I have four cameras at the moment. It seems to be too much as I do not have time to use each of them as much as I would like. And it is fall time again. We are turning into the dark side.

Darth Pirate

This “Darth Pirate” shot was taken with my Leica Digilux 2. It is like a dinosaur of the cameras. Like a huge slow sauropod. I have quite mixed feelings about it. Some day I love it some other day I hate it. Today I will say that it is an interesting relic.

A lamp

An IKEA lamp. Oh my, I really am out of ideas. Shot with my Ricoh GR. This is in-camera JPEG with bleach bypass effect. It actually turned out quite nice. GR is a very capable camera limited only with its 28mm field of view. So small and easy to take with you but I am every time wondering if it will fulfill my photographic needs. You should read this that if I am able to utilize the 28mm properly. I’m never sure.


Fast AF. And that’s about it. V1. I am irritated already at ISO 400. Too much noise. I actually like the freedom the 10-30mm zoom offers but you have to go into the menu to change many basic things. That’s why Nikon 1 V1 really feels like ver. 1.0.

I'm number one!

What a fantastic IQ. And that’s about it. The AF still hunts and hunts and hunts. It was pure luck that I nailed the above expression. Usually it is frustration what I will get. But sometimes I am rewarded lavishly by the IQ. That’s the Fuji X-Pro1.

What a peculiar camera collection I have.

Fuji X-Pro1 Ver. 3.00

Fuji’s newest firmware for X-Pro1 and XF lenses is here and I downloaded it and tested shortly the new focus peaking feature. I used my Asahi Pentax Super-Takumar 55mm F1.8 lens for the test.

Few words about Fuji’s focus peaking implementation. You can now select focus peaking from the MF assist menu. It is possible to choose from high or low level of focus peaking but the color will always be a white one. From the same menu you can also choose the standard MF assist (which means magnification only without focus peaking). There is much faster way to change between focus peaking and standard MF assist though. If you apply a long push to the selection wheel on the back side of the camera you can nicely change back and worth between these two options. Shorter push will get you in a magnified view. You can scroll between 3x and 10x magnification by this same wheel and now it is working in both directions which I find a good thing.

My first impression of focus peaking was that I may start to use this feature. You read it right. I may. I didn’t find much difference between low and high setting of focus peaking. Maybe the high setting was little bit clearer. I feel that high setting could be even more prominent. White color of the focus peaking is problematic with certain subjects and that’s why I would really like to see some additional color options (e.g. red) in the future FWs. I found that for me it was easiest to use focus peaking with 3x magnification. Not too wobbly with the 55mm (83mm equiv.) focal length and I was able to see the focus peaking clearly.

As I have two manual-only focus lenses (55mm and 135mm) I am very happy to have the focus peaking feature. There are few points which should be improved but this certainly is already making manual focusing more pleasurable than before ver. 3.00.

In need of fixed prime lens

Definitely. Small camera with a fixed prime lens. Want one. Not totally sure yet if it will be an X100S or GR. I've read now quite many reviews on X100S and I am very convinced about it. I was enjoying my late X100 and can't see why I would not enjoy its improved version. Ricoh GR is still little bit of a mystery to me but of course mysteries are intriguing.

A sunflower to brighten your day! Shot with X100, btw.


Fuji X-Pro1 is coming back. Well, now it is said. Many people will say that I am totally insane. I have thought this move for many days now and I didn’t want to write anything about it here before I actually did it.

There are few reasons for this move. The first is that I really loved the image quality of X-Trans sensor when I earlier had the X-Pro1. I mean I felt that some of my shots had some really special touch. And this is totally my subjective feeling but it is what counts here. The second one is that I realized that I will need interchangeable lens camera after all even if I am now going to have only the body with 35/1.4 lens. And those Fujinon lenses really are masterpieces. I am really waiting for the new Fujinon 56/1.4 lens. It would nicely complement the 35 mm. The third one is that I want to have both EVF and OVF. I am positive that I will try to use OVF more than before. Old school. The fourth is that I think the next X-Pro generation (X-Pro2) will have many of those improvements incorporated which the new X100S has. And in the coming summer or next fall I am ready to purchase the next generation body (I have no idea when X-Pro2 may come – maybe not in this year?).

I have now Sony RX100 which is easy to take with me everywhere. I think it is the biggest asset of it. RX100 is my snapshot camera and X-Pro1 will be for photowalks and other situations when the photography is the main thing.

Si enim fallor, sum.

An X-Pro1 shot from last summer.

It seems I have to do some S(mart) moves

As some of my readers may know I am always doing very fast moves considering camera purchases. Usually too fast moves. But now it seems that I have to do a S(mart) move soon.

What I mean here is that Fuji has will be announcing a new X100S in CES next week. And I have to say that the specs of that beauty really rock! I really loved my late X100 but still something was missing. The new S incorporates even faster AF, focus peaking, and new split image system (for manual focusing). They replace the old APS-C sensor with new version of X-Trans sensor which produces fantastic images but do not have decent RAW support yet. I hope Adobe and Apple and others would now see that X-Trans sensors are here to stay and develop good RAW support for that sensor type.

I am very excited about the S. I would like to offer a loving home for it.

More about its specs here.