Good news for X-photographers

Fujifilm has announced X-E2 X-Trans sensor camera and it seems to have quite many great improvements. For me the increased AF speed (by adding in-sensor phase detection and a faster processor) is of course one of the biggest things. Another big one is the possibility to choose minimum shutter speed when using the auto-ISO feature. This makes auto-ISO usable. There are many other additions and improvements and I would advice you to read Patrick LaRoque’s first impressions from his great blog.

What I am really waiting for is the X-Pro2. I would like to have an optical viewfinder in addition to electronic one. And I hope Fujifilm would provide now at least a FW to add the possibility to choose minimum shutter speed in auto-ISO for us X-Pro1 users. We have been waiting and waiting for that feature.

All in all, I am very pleased to see how nicely X-serie cameras evolve. Big thumbs up, Fujifilm!