My grandmother

My grandmother, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

Last Saturday I visited her with my family. It is always so emotional to see her. She is a great character and a very special person to me. She is now 92 years old and suffering from mild Alzheimer’s. I was so grateful that she still recognized us all and discussed with us quite lively.

Please, visit your loved ones. Your visit will be very important to them and even more to yourselves.

“Happy birthday great grandmother!”

Kaapo wishing happy birthday to his great granmother at her birthday party in the above photo. She is 90-years old now. December 27th is also my mother’s birthday so big birthday wishes to her too (she is standing in the left side of the photo)!

These two remarkable women are my idols. Thank you so much for your love throughout my life.


Now as we are having from -22 to -25 C outside you may need these wonderful mittens. My grandmother has made them. She is really a multi talented person in handcrafting. She is able to do almost everything from knitting to pottery. And what I admire most in her is that she is still able to learn new techniques and uses them to create something new.

I admire her greatly.