Eager hiker

Eager hiker, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

Our son Kaapo is here looking at a snow field when we are about to start our nice hike in the woods in late January. It was a very pleasant trek with our sons, Kaapo and Tiitus. The weather was so beautiful with great sunshine.

It was a great sunshine!

It was a great sunshine!, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

I had so much fun at our little hike. The sunshine was so phenomenal in the woods with warm colors (not a real warming effect though) and with all those beautiful shadows. This sunshine gave us a glimpse of spring even if we still have over two months to the spring time.

Family hike to the laavu

We made a great hike to our village’s laavu. It is quite near our home so it is perfect with small children as Kaapo and Tiitus. Nice place with beautiful forest and great view especilally from the laavu’s roof. Both boys were very thrilled about the hike and we will definitely go there again.

Info about laavu.

On the top of the hill
They’ve arrived on the top of the hill.

Family hike to the laavu

A scene from the laavu's roof
A scene from the laavu’s roof.