So nice to have a decent mobile phone camera

I am so happy that my iPhone 6 has a good camera. It was an extremely nice day today and I was able to get few nice shots of trees covered in frost. I absolutely prefer โ€realโ€ cameras but my phone is always with me. iPhone 6 is a very capable device to shoot at least in good light.

Trees at University

Trees at Tiitus' pre-school

Great Christmas party at Kaapo’s school

Yesterday evening we enjoyed superb Christmas party with many plays and music at Kaapo’s school. It is so nice that his school still has these traditional happenings with lots of parents and other spectators. There is always a nice buffet before the plays and music starts. Many schools in Finland nowadays do not have these evening parties anymore. That really is a pity.

That Santa looks familiar to me

Lunch in a Chinese restaurant

Kaapo is here thinking about which kind of lunch he is going to get. It was the first time our sons got Chinese food and they liked it. Some dishes were litlle bit too spicy but in general it was a real success and I am sure we will visit there again.

My Universum radio at university

Quelle International Universum TRN 3244 portable radio.

I just love this kind of gadgets. Not any iPod but having a shoulder strap for carrying around. It has even a headphone jack and of course wonderful lo-fi mono sound.

Some additional info about this beauty.

Mushroom by new Instagram

Mushroom by new Instagram, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

Above pic was shot by the camera of iPhone 4 and after that processed in Instagram v2.0. New tilt-shift system seems to be way better than the old one and I like the possibility to use high-res photos. Also the live filters during the shooting are very cool.

Hopeless with all those papers

Part of my work desk in the background. I have huge piles of papers and I just wonder how tall they will be after 10 or 20 years. That’s a bad habit to collect so much paper but I do not feel home in paperless office. ๐Ÿ˜‰