Tiitus in front of a field

Tiitus in front of a field, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

Through his smile I am thanking all my friends from U.S.A. for their wonderful and warm friendship. We should cherish our international friendships to make the world a better place. Tenth Anniversary of 9/11.

I am trying to start my blog again. Yes, I know. I have done this many times and I always have an endurance for few months to write here. But I can always hope…


It turned out as a cool portrait

We were driving to the summer cottage last Saturday and I took my iPhone and shot this photo of Kaapo from back seat. Kaapo is sitting here on the front seat and looking straight to the IPhone’s camera when my hand is reaching there to take the shot. I used Instagram app and Lomo-fi filter for the shot and it turned out quite cool one.

Placing “Mölkky” Pins

Placing “Mölkky” Pins, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

Mölkky is a nice Finnish summer game. We play it at our summer cottages every summer. It is suitable for quite small children too, so, the whole family plus relatives and friends can play it together.

You can find more info about Mölkky here.


In the park, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

I recently bought iPhone 4 and it seems to change my photographic habits quite a bit.

I hated mobile phone cameras before this. I always wanted to have high quality photos and felt that mobile phone cameras are not for that. With the iPhone I discovered snap-shooting again. The instant feelings and their recording are the keywords when using my iPhone as a camera. I know that there are many other mobile phones having much better cameras (iPhone has only a 5 mpix camera) but more mpix are not needed for the use I am going for.

One big thing are the fantastic apps made for iPhone. Instagram was the first one I downloaded and it is so brilliant one. Second one was Hipstamatic which I have to explore more in the near future. And yesterday I got Camera+ which has some nice features for the “normal” shooting. Instagram and Hipstamatic are more for the vintage results.

All of those apps are so cool because you can instantaneously share your photos in Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, and other services. Snap a photo, edit it in the phone, and share. That’s it!

Lastly I’d like to apologize that I have been absent from this blog for a while. But I got the iPhone, and it is so much fun that you easily forget other things…