Too many things to do

Pink evening clouds, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

I have to say that I have neglected photography lately. I’ve been too busy all the time. I think I should try to use my iPhone more in situations like this because iPhone is always with me and it is capable in taking nice shots.

My wife started in her job again (she is a midwife in university hospital) after three years at home. Her work is in three shifts so this is sometimes little bit demanding situation with Kaapo’s pre-school and Tiitus’ child-care.

Tomorrow we are celebrating Kaapo’s and Tiitus’ combined birthday parties. Kaapo will be 6 and Tiitus 3 years old.

Now we can iMessage

My wife got iPhone few days ago. I remember some five years ago when we were about the purchase our first shared iMac and she was very much against changing from PC to Mac. Now she is a real Mac advocate and I am very proud of her. She is always recommending Macs and other Apple products to her friends.

Kicksled fun

Kicksled fun, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

Kaapo’s godfather Tommi brought an old kicksled for us. I and Tommi fixed it and now it is in the working condition and has a new red paint on it.

It really moves fast and is very handy here in countryside when you want to go from place A to place B in the winter time.

We are having new snow at this very moment. I am not that happy about it because it seems that we are going to have spring time in June or so. Sigh.

Ten years together

Ten years together, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

Jenni and I have known each other ten years today. We decided to buy a “new” car for Jenni because she will go to work in the coming autumn and we thought that a better and safer car would be nice.

It was a great sunshine!

It was a great sunshine!, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

I had so much fun at our little hike. The sunshine was so phenomenal in the woods with warm colors (not a real warming effect though) and with all those beautiful shadows. This sunshine gave us a glimpse of spring even if we still have over two months to the spring time.


Welcome!, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

Santa brought a Lego house to Kaapo and he is very excited about it. It was quite a big job to build it. Took about two hours for three people (me, mom, and Kaapo) even if it is not that large house. It has, however, many functional structures and nice details like working garage door, mail box (with letters included!), indoor stairs etc., and you can lift a part of the second floor off, so you really can use indoor space too.

I put my ugly duckling Canon 35/2 lens on my 5D Mark II and decided to shoot this lovely house.

We had a great Christmas Eve

Santa Claus came of course and the boys very very excited. Everyone had so nice time and also the presents were great!

They bring color to the grey day

They bring color to the grey day, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

When a day is grey (see the post below), I am so very fortunate have my loving family with me. They are like a color splash for my day. They will get me involved in daily tasks which keep me busy and happy. Happiness rises from everyday things even if you may realize that only later on.