GR goes cinematic

I decided to test panoramic/cinematic cropping with few Ricoh GR shots. I didn’t want to use the usual 16:9 aspect ratio but went to a more panoramic one, 12:5 (2,4:1). Why I chose that kind of an aspect ratio? No special reason for that, it just pleases my eye more than 16:9. I tested 12:5 aspect ratio for some shots taken at our Kallavesi lake cruise. I processed these shots with my LR preset based on VSCO Film Fuji Provia 100F which gives you quite boosted vivid colors. I am not totally sure if I like these. 🙂 But sometimes it is just nice to try some other approach in cropping than the usual ones.

Red railing View towards harbour area Vessel approaching

Sun behind an island

Sun behind an island, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

Another sunset shot from the last summer.

It seems that I really am longing for the summer now when we have the best winter time going on. I haven’t had time for any outdoor shooting lately and wanted to have some outdoor shots in Flickr so archives are my rescue. Not very wintery scene though. 😉

Time stops

Time stops, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

Now that more snow is coming down and winter is in its peak I decided to go through my photo archives from last summer. There are actually quite many good shots I have not processed or even noticed in the first run. So, go through your photo archives and find some gems!