Leica Digilux 2

Few latest tele end shots with Digilux 2

I used my Leica Digilux 2 quite much during this summer and enjoyed a lot of its user experience and the files it produces. Below are few shots taken with the tele end (90mm equivalent) of its fantastic lens which has a fairly nice widest aperture (f/2.4) even in the tele setting.

Bikers waiting for a cable ferry


Flower buds


Iris sibirica


Hiski and Alpo


Hiski with a ball



Scooping about Leica Digilux 2

I just started to curate a Scoop.it collection for Leica Digilux 2 camera. I am very fond of this camera and I feel that this old digital camera deserves its own Scoop.it page. Please, visit there and give also suggestions for Leica Digilux 2 scoops!

This beauty arrived this morning

How about 5 megapixels and through a window?

Well, it seems to work out very nicely. At least if you have a Leica Digilux 2 with its brilliant Vario-Summicron lens. I think the details are incredible for a such low resolution camera. It surely was a magical moment to see the shot below on a computer screen. I actually have thought about to get another Leica someday. Maybe M8. I know it has its quirks but I think it would be fantastic B&W camera with some nice Leica lens. But we’ll see. As usually.

 A view through our library room  window

Towards classics and smaller sensors

Earlier digital days I was craving for full frame sensors. I thought they would provide some additional value for my photography. But FF mainly provided frustration. Well, of course I have to admit that I got some nice narrow DoF and bokeh shots but many times I was struggling.

If I now go through my present camera gear, it seems that I am going towards smaller sensors. Few years ago I would never believed this to happen. Now my cameras have the following sensor sizes: 1/1.7″, 2/3″, 1″, and APS-C.

And all of my present cameras are kind of classics or even cult devices. I have Leica Digilux 2 (introduced 2003), Fuji X100 (introduced 2010), Nikon 1 V1 (introduced 2011), and Fuji X-Pro1 (introduced 2012).

Oh, almost forgot that soon there will be Ricoh GRD IV too. 🙂

Powerful clouds

Long time no post. Again. Well, sometimes too busy for all stuff in life but I have not forgot my blog. I have lately used my fantastic Leica Digilux 2 quite much. I really love its output. It has a great 28-90 mm equivalent lens and images acquired with it certainly have some magic. The only downside is that you can not crop 5 MPix shot that much. This can also be a good thing because you have to think your composition more carefully beforehand.

Here are the beautiful clouds at summer cottage captured with Leica Digilux 2.

Powerful clouds

P.S. It is not a B&W shot.

RAW business with Leica Digilux 2

I have been lately testing RAW shooting with my Leica Digilux 2. Earlier I was not so interested in capturing RAW files with Digilux 2 because of the long writing times needed. It takes 6-7 seconds to write a single RAW file into an SD card! I thought in the first place that the slow operation would hinder me too much to shoot RAW but I found it to be different. Actually the slow pace makes me think about the shooting situation more and the slowness somehow suits so well for this dinosaur camera.

But what is actually the best thing in RAW shooting is the fact that I will get better shots in that way. When shooting JPEGs with Digilux 2 I had many times problems with the white balance. With RAW those problems are gone. Another big thing is that I seem to get more details in my captures using RAW. It is actually quite amazing how much details this 5 MPix camera is able to deliver. I like the CCD sensor rendering – it gives almost magical old-school feeling into the shots. This is quite difficult to explain but it is there.

Below are few shots captured in RAW with Digilux 2. First two of them have been developed in LR and the two last ones in Aperture which I am testing again and actually enjoying it. I am not sure yet if I am going to use solely Aperture but it is nice to have options in this respect too.

My Nikon 1 V1 Decorative stuff Downhillers Ski parking

Leica Digilux 2 still amazes me

After our vacation I took my Digilux 2 out from the storage cabinet and shot some pics indoors in quite a poor light. As I can only (or at least mainly) use ISO 100 I once again utilized three-shot series to hopefully have some sharp shots. And I managed to get some. Some amazing shots. My Digilux 2 was in B&W white balance because I feel that this camera takes very nice monochromes. Every time I manage to get sharp shot with this camera I really like the result. It is very difficult to explain why those shots shine but there certainly is something in them. With other cameras the shot would just be one sharp shot among others, nothing special, but with this Leica it will be more.

Leica Digilux 2 is a tricky camera to shoot with that’s for sure. But the reward will be more than with those modern digital wonder-gadgets having all the bells and whistles. The shot below is one of those I love. F2.4, 1/4 s (hand-held), ISO 100, 90 mm.

Our hamster