I updated my MacBook – by buying a new monitor

Yesterday I bought a new life for my trusted MacBook (2009 model). I purchased a 23 inch LED monitor which has an IPS panel. Earlier I upgraded the memory to 4 Gb and that was of course huge thing too but so is this monitor thing. I really can't understand how I was able to adjust my photos with MacBook's quite mediocre 13 inch display. Now my eyes are like wide open. Nice! I also bought Apple Wireless Keyboard which is very cool and small in size.

Here is one photo shot with Fuji X-Pro1 in JPEG. I loved to adjust this one with the new monitor.


Fantastic Snapseed app now in iOS and Mac

I have now Snapseed app in my iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) and in my MacBook. Really fantastic. I think I am going to use the desktop version quite much for my Fuji X100 shots. I’m shooting in JPEG with X100 and I feel Snapseed will suit very well for those shots (even though Snapseed is capable to process RAWs too). If you are not familiar with this awesome app, I suggest that you should visit Snapseed website.


Here’s one quick processing by desktop version of Snapseed from last night. 



Processed in Snapseed

The shot below has been shot with Fuji X100 and was initially saved in my Aperture 3 library in my MacBook. In Aperture I saved some of the shots from that photo shoot in the photo stream in iCloud which is very handy way to get shots in your iOS devices (and vice versa of course). I opened this shot from the photo stream in my iPad and processed it in the very wonderful Snapseed app. I cropped it and adjusted color and contrast. Very handy indeed. I uploaded the final version in my Flickr stream straight from Snapseed. And of course the final version was immediately also in my MacBook through iCloud. Fantastic. 


Using Aperture with Magic Trackpad

I upgraded recently to OSX Lion and I am using Apple’s Magic Trackpad with it to fully enjoy all gestures Lion offers (I have 2009 MacBook). I am slowly learning to use all the gestures to change pages and programmes etc. with Aperture it seems to be a different story, however.

With Magic Trackpad I have to double click Aperture’s adjustment sliders to “lock” them. After that I am able to move the sliders. Same thing with keyword list; I have to double click the keyword to move it out from the list on the photo. To release the lock I have click again. That’s quite annoying. With Magic Mouse I just click once with left button and keep the button down and am able to move sliders and keywords right away (normal dragging with a mouse). There is an option for “three finger dragging” in the Magic Trackpad preferences but I would like to use three fingers for changing the programs (I find using four fingers little bit awkward). Maybe it is so that I have to use Magic Mouse when using Aperture and Magic Trackpad in other occasions.

iMac fever

During last days I’ve had high fever (at least +39 C at the moment) for a new iMac. I have a MacBook (not a pro model) now and I am especially longing for a bigger screen. Of course more power and speed would be nice too. I have already decided the possible iMac model too: basic 21.5′ iMac (2.5 GHz i5 processor) with 8 Gb memory plus Magic Trackpad (I’ve already have a Magic Mouse). I think that quite basic model is just nice for me (all I want) and it will be a big leap forward from my MacBook. It will cost about 1300 euros which is at my limit at the moment.

4 Gb RAM makes a difference!

Now that I have upgraded RAM for my MacBook from 2Gb to 4 Gb (max for MacBook) makes a real difference in speed and stability when using Aperture 3. I wouldn’t believe the difference is so significant before I installed the new memory. After this upgrade I have been a full time Aperture 3 user. I have tried to learn a lot how to effectively use curves tool in Aperture and especially how to use multiple curves adjustments locally (by brushing them in) to improve the tonality and colors in a shot. I think I have taken a big and very crucial step forward with Aperture. Now I am starting to feel “home” when using it. So, if you have speed problems with Aperture 3, upgrade the memory, it really has a big impact!

Which one to use with Aperture 3: iMac or MacBook?

As a new Aperture 3 user I am pondering which of my computers I should use as a main workstation with Aperture.

My iMac has a 2.16 GHz Core 2 Duo, 2 Gb 667 MHz memory, ATI Radeon X1600 (128 Mb) graphics card, and 20″ screen.

My MacBook has a 2.13 GHz Core 2 Duo, 2 Gb 800 MHz memory, GeForce 9400M (256 Mb) graphics card, and 13″ screen.

I think the main difference between these two is the graphics cards and of course the display size. Aperture 3 is quite usable with my iMac. And I think I will upgrade the memory to 4 Gb in the computer I will choose as the main workstation.

If I use fullscreen editing (which I like much) in Aperture I think 13″ screen could be OK.

So, which one to use? A new computer is not yet an option, so I have to deal with the above ones.