Olympus OM-D

One-camera approach

I have almost all time owned two or three cameras. I do not, however, have time to use all of them effectively and I am all the time pondering which one to take with me if I am going to a trip or a photo walk. Now that I have found a fantastic camera, Olympus OM-D, I have decided to have it and m4/3 system as my sole camera.

I have never had been so pleased on a camera as I am now. Perfect DoF, bokeh, and sharpness in one small package. Somebody has stated that “Save for camera bodies, spend for lenses”. Or something like that it was. I think I am going to do that way. Micro four thirds system has lots of fantastic lenses. I am very much into prime lenses as some of my readers may know. I have 20/1.7, 30/2.8, and 45/1.8 primes for m4/3 at the moment. All those are very nice small primes. But something is missing.

When I had Canon system (APS-C and FF) I had a lens which I really loved. That lens was the most difficult thing to give up when I changed to Fuji that time. The lens was Canon 200/2.8 L. I am quite much into longer focal lengths. Not so much into wide ones. For m4/3 system there is fortunately a savior for my longing for 200 mm. It is the Olympus 75/1.8. It is 150mm equivalent in 35mm format so not quite 200mm but it is the longest prime in m4/3 system. I have seen only highly praising reviews about it. It is quite expensive (829 €) but it seems to be a fantastic piece of metal and glass. Now that I sold my Sigma DP2M I will use that money to by this lens. I know I need a longer prime and here it is.

I suppose that in one year time (maybe earlier) there will be next version of OM-D camera body. I will save for that. By then I will have fantastic lenses for m4/3 system.


I am now back to Micro Four Thirds. I bought Olympus OM-D E-M5 with Olympus M.ZUIKO 45/1.8 and Sigma 30/2.8 lenses. In addition, I have my old Panasonic lenses, 20/1.7 and 45-200 zoom. That's quite a cool set!

First impression with OM-D was that it is small! Smaller than I really thought of. But that's a good thing. Of course it feels small after D600.

Then the absolutely best thing. The autofocus is blazingly fast! I mean DSLR-fast. No, actually it is faster than that in real use. At least so in my hands and that's of course what really counts here. I had time to test OM-D yesterday only with 45/1.8 lens but at least with it I can truly say that this camera has the fastest AF I have ever used. Period.

Also IQ seems to be top notch. 45/1.8 is very sharp wide open. Very, very nice. Also noise seems to be very controllable at least up to ISO 3200, maybe up to 6400. That's a very good achievement for m4/3 sensor. That together with fast lenses which provide just perfect DoF wide open, and the best image stabilization system I have ever encountered, I really think OM-D and m4/3 system is deserving those praises all over the photography web pages.

And by the way, I just sold my Sigma DP2 Merrill. 🙂 I thought that it would be difficult to sell but…



I still wanted to have more versatility in my camera set and ordered Micro Four Thirds system, namely Olympus OM-D. I have had m4/3 camera before (Olympus E-P1) so this is not a new world to me.

I have been somehow suffering between image sharpness and DoF control lately. I have had full frame cameras, APS-C sensor ones, and m4/3 stuff. Even if FF is of course nice I feel after my latest trip to FF (earlier I had FF too) that I am not in the level of those beasts as a photographer. I have heard so much positive things on Olympus OM-D that I decided to go with it. Enough-shallow DoF wide open and I still can get the whole face of a person sharp in shots, and this all without using extremely high ISO.

Micro four thirds system has also some very good lenses available. I ordered OM-D with Oly 45/1.8 and Sigma 30/2.8 lenses. I have (or actually my wife has – hopefully she will borrow the lenses to me!) still PAnasonic 20/1.7 and 45-200 zoom lenses for MFT system. I ordered that cheap Sigma 30/2.8 because there are praising reviews of it and it is basically the same lens that my Sigma DP2 Merrill has. It will be interesting to see how this lens performs as a 60mm equivalent (45mm with DP2M) with OM-D.

So, I will decide about getting Fuji X100S later, maybe in coming summer. Then we will know more about it and there will be many reviews in the web.