Dubrovnik, Croatia, what a beautiful place to visit. I was there only four days with my wife to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary but both of us fell in love for this place almost immediately. Old culture, old buildings, beautiful Adriatic Sea, and very friendly people. What more can you wish.

Greetings from Dubrovnik, Croatia! 10-year Anniversary Old Town posters "Large" cup of coffee in Old Town Large Onofrio Fountain Old Town roofs I Old Town roofs II Candles in a church

What comes to camera gear I had only my Fuji X100 with me (plus iPhone) and it served me wonderfully throughout the trip. No hassling with lens changes or zooming – just shooting. Very liberating. Its 35mm equivalent lens is really a gem for general shooting. And JPEGs all the way; with Fuji cameras (X100 and X-Pro1 which I own) I do not shoot RAWs anymore. Really no need for that. I used OVF 99% of the time and really enjoyed that too.


OVF fun

I have been lately using optical viewfinder (OVF) extensively with my Fuji X100. Such a great feeling to use a superbly bright viewfinder. No electronic one can compete. OVF is so fast – no lack of course. And you can see more than you get. Very handy indeed. I have not been using any photo preview with my cameras for some time now. I do not need always the immediate response to see the shot I just took. This of course makes shooting so much faster and it also makes me feel more free. Just concentrate on shooting not previewing the shots.

If your camera has an OVF just use it. Learn it. It will be fun.

Few photos shot using OVF with my X100:


Need for viewfinder?

I have four cameras at the moment of which three have viewfinders. My Fuji X-Pro1 has both electronic and optical viewfinders (EVF and OVF), Nikon 1 V1 has an EVF as does my Leica Digilux 2 whereas my Ricoh GR has neither of them. Even if my Digilux 2 has a crappy EVF I feel that it is a pleasure to rise that camera to my eye and use that EVF. Same with V1 and X-Pro1 which have modern viewfinders. I’ll get more intimate feeling using a viewfinder. I’ll become one with the camera. The feeling is quite hard to explain but it gives you a great user experience. And I have the possibility to choose between the LCD and a viewfinder with those cameras. Of course I am using the LCD quite a much actually depending on the photographic situation. But I still have the option to choose.

How do you feel? Is a viewfinder a must for you?

This kind of a pondering is always hazardous to me because it may easily lead me to think of new gear. That’s why I should try to relax on this matter.