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Macphun has recently released their photo editor, Luminar. When I heard about it I got immediately interested in. When I went through their Luminar web site I was sold. I am so excited about Luminar that I can say that this photo editor is the first one to really consider as a Lightroom substitute in my photographic workflow. So, here you are. If you have tried to find a nice Lightroom substitute look no further but download the trial version and see by yourself.

First of all, Luminar has no asset management (yet). So you have to use it as a Lightroom plug-in or as a Photos extension (as I am using it). I use Photos to manage my shots and Luminar to adjust them. Works quite smoothly. If you want to do batch processing, there is none (yet). As you see there are few ”yets”. This means that people at Macphun are working to provide updates for asset management and batch processing and much more.

I really love the UI of Luminar. Very simple and easy to use. They have developed nice Workspace concept which the user can modify. Their filters (i.e. adjustment blocks) are very nice and you can easily add and remove filters from a Workspace. There are also about 60 presets which suit for many kind of uses. What I really like about the presets is that you can modify the overall strength of the preset and also that you see the effect of the presets in their preview windows.

There are lots of possible adjustments. Not much is missing and as I stated before, there will be updates quite soon. Luminar has a very nice layer system with masking options. That’s very professional feature and it is working very well. What may sound a little thing is that Luminar has proper before/after buttons but for me this is a very much needed feature. There are many quite much more expensive programs not having this simple feature. Luminar has also a very well implemented history panel which makes going back in the adjustments an easy task.

Only one word is needed to describe Luminar. That word is WOW.

Here are few shots adjusted by Luminar as Photos extension.





Greetings from Puijo tower


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