Gaming glow

Don’t let them play console or computer games too much. Interfere with some other things. Remember school work. Remember to go outside and feel the weather and nature. Thanks.

Gaming glow

Uno is number one

I love how kids concentrate themselves when playing card or board games. Here Kaapo seems to really think about his next move in Uno card game. I also like a lot this quite heavy processing I did for this particular shot. 

Getting muddy

Getting muddy, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

Mud flying in the air and muddy clothes are a real sign that the spring has started! Our boys are taking all fun out of puddles and muddy water. It is so much fun to spalsh it everywhere and drive the toy truck through it in full power.

Board games belong to the holiday season

Board games belong to the holiday season, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

I played Monopoly Junior with Kaapo. He won so clearly that I had to post him blurred because I couldn’t stand his overt joy. LOL!

Brio train derailment ahead!

Another candid shot now of Kaapo when he is just seeing his Brio trains to collide. Can we call this kind of shots as a portrait shot? Should portraits always be somehow posed? I think not but there could be many thoughts about this.

Playing Afrikan tähti board game

Afrikan tähti (“The Star of Africa”) is a Finnish board game designed by Kari Mannerla originally in 1951. You can find more information of the game here.

We really enjoy to play this came. It is easy enough for 5 year old child (maybe for younger too; Tiitus is playing here assisted by his mother) and interesting enough for adults too. It is a real classic!

Also the dogs feel the spring!

We have two crazy dogs. A border terrier Herkko and a miniature wire-haired dachshund Hiski. When the snow is gone and the spring starts they will be very avid ball players. They are not so young anymore but you really can’t see that when they are running like maniacs.

Playing like crazy