Richard Wanderman

Cards from Richard

Few days ago I got these beautiful cards from my Flickr contact and friend, Richard Wanderman. Oh boy it was nice to see Richard’s fantastic photos in a printed form. He is a brilliant photographer and he prints his captures a lot by himself. He has provided so much wise advice to me about photography during these many years we have known each other through Flickr. It is funny but you can call some people your friends even if you haven’t seen them in person. Richard is one of those people in my book.

20150218 X100 0361 1

Fantastic user review on Ricoh GR by Richard Wanderman

My long time Flickr friend and a great photographer Richard Wanderman has published superb review about the Ricoh GR in his blog. Just go and read it if you are considering this camera or if you are already using it. He is using nice strap option which I find cool.

Check the review here.

I really recommend to read his blog. Fantastic writings and also great links to other people’s stuff.

You can find Richard’s Flickr photostream here.