Leaves, leaves, leaves

Leaves, leaves, leaves, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

Soon they’ll throw snowballs! We have already had some minus degrees (C) in the night time and some mornings have been quite “crispy”. Haven’t had so much time for photographing that I’d wanted though.

A red berry

A red berry, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

Autumn has arrived in its full power. It is quite chilly and rainy now. But autumn provides nice photo opportunities with all fall colors, mushrooms etc.

I am very pleased on Fuji X100’s close-up capabilities. Macro mode works well and it is possible to use back button to focus if using MF focusing (the focus ring in the lens is totally unusable). Above pic is shot using available light but if you need fill flash the X100 is very handy to provide some additional light automatically. Flash shots are very natural looking. I think X100’s flash is the best in-camera flash I have encountered.

Spring verdure

Spring verdure, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

Spring time is finally here! I just love those light green tones in the foliage. It is so nice to observe the nature to awake from winter’s hibernation. We really have to try to enjoy this because it will last so short time here.

Our almost snowless driveway

Spring road, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

Signs of spring are in the air (or road)! Driveway is almost free of snow now. All other places in our yard are still very white but we can see slow process here. Well, this is already a T-shirt weather for the Finns!

Promise of spring

Steep slope ahead, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

As we are now having some plus degrees, snow is melting. Well, we have so much snow that our boys are able to use their sleds still but now I feel that spring is really approaching. It is a great feeling; sun is shining and my mood is high!

Kicksled fun

Kicksled fun, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

Kaapo’s godfather Tommi brought an old kicksled for us. I and Tommi fixed it and now it is in the working condition and has a new red paint on it.

It really moves fast and is very handy here in countryside when you want to go from place A to place B in the winter time.

We are having new snow at this very moment. I am not that happy about it because it seems that we are going to have spring time in June or so. Sigh.

Greetings from Snowland

Greetings from Snowland, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

This morning it was -23 C still so it seems that our spring is not starting very soon. Although sunshine is somehow warming up already but it is not intense enough to melt the snow if the base temp is so low. I am now counting spring all those days when we will not get any new snow. I think that is a very good rule now and gives nice spring feeling at least.

He loves snow

He loves snow, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

To love snow is a quite essential ability here in Finland. Our sons do love the white stuff! I think it is a real blessing to have four totally different seasons.