Agents dancing

“Agents” was Kaapo’s dancing group’s performance this year. They did all the choreography themselves and decided the clothing, music and all. It was so great to see their joy and to be a proud father. There were altogether 13 different groups performing (about 70-80 children) and Kaapo’s group had all the boys! So, only two (2) boys. Dancing is a fantastic hobby also for boys, believe me.

Agents dancing

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The only boy

Kaapo loves to dance. He has now been two years in a modern dance class and he really likes to perform this wonderful art. In addition to the artistic part dancing is very good physical exercise and improves a lot of coordination and balance. What I have been wondering about is the very low number of boys in these dancing classes. Do people still think that dancing is not enough “boyish” hobby? Anyways, Kaapo is the only boy in his dancing class. 



Lions prowling

Lions prowling, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

Spring show of Kaapo’s dancing class.

The whole show was one hour dancing feast. All the performances (12 pieces) were really good, colorful, and joyful. The main theme was “Circus” and I felt like I was in a real circus.

Kaapo was in the circus lion group and he was so great. Full of power and artistic performance. I really can’t put in the words how proud I was. I hope he will continue dancing because I can see that he enjoys it and has developed a lot during this year.