Sigma DP3M

Two-body approach?

Now that I have the fantastic Ricoh GR which has a prime lens of 28mm focal length (in 35mm equivalent format) I have been thinking of possible two-body resolution for my camera gear. This means an addition of another fixed prime lens camera which has a longer focal length than the GR. Well, not so many options actually. 🙂 I think the only one will be Sigma DP3M which has 75mm (equiv.) lens. I had earlier Sigma DP2M (45mm equiv.) but that focal length is too close to 28mm and I really want more tele option.

The idea here is to have two camera bodies with me and both of those having a fixed prime lens. Both GR and DP3M are reasonably small cameras and that way easy to carry with. I just have to find a perfect camera bag (a small one which has just enough space for these two cameras) and I will have a fantastic compo for my kind of shooting.

I still have Fuji X-Pro1 which has interchangeable lenses, and I think I will keep X-Pro1, at least for now. It has a very wonderful image quality and reasonably small size. I had earlier Sigma DP2M (45mm equiv.) and I sold it because I made some silly moves in my camera purchases (like Nikon D600). Another reason to sell it was that I felt processing its RAW files quite awkward job. This is of course true for DP3M also. Sigma Photo Pro is not very nice program to use and I am now trying out Iridient Developer 2 for Sigma’s files to see how that RAW developer will manage.

All in all, this may be the perfect solution for me as I do not like changing lenses and I nowadays prefer serious cameras in small bodies like both GR and DP3M are.