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Beautiful Sigma DP2 Merrill shots of Japanese maples by sevenhalf.


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December 29, 2012. Koishikawa-Korakuen, Tokyo, Japan.

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Sigma DP2 Merrill Review

Nice Sigma DP2 Merrill review by Chris Bampton at

Notice also my new site below for DP2 Merrill related stuff.


See on Scoop.itSigma DP2 Merrill Scoops

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I am having an odd-sensor camera… and craving more

Just a short post to show that something is happening here! I am quite excited but I do not know which will be my schedule for some changes.

For an odd-sensor camera (OSC) I am referring to my Fuji X-Pro1 which has an X-Trans sensor having totally different pixel array as compared to traditional Bayer type sensors. There is also Foveon sensor by Sigma which is also a different one. Both of above sensor types are causing problems for RAW converter design. It may well be that Foveon sensor will never have support by e.g. Lightroom or Aperture. And support for the X-Trans sensor has been very slow too. They are “tricky” sensors in this respect but I feel they are producing special photos. That’s why I am interested in them. I am an amateur hobbyist so I have the privilege to do this kind of different and maybe also silly decisions. And oh boy, that feels so good!

It is like baking something new into my hobby and tasting it. That’s why the photo below.

Great Sigma DP2 Merrill review by Jeff Damron

You can find Jeff’s fantastic review plus stunning shots here.

The conclusive remarks by Jeff:

The Sigma DP2 Merrill is a wonderful camera.  Not a perfect camera.  But when used within its limitations by a photographer with reasonable care and patience, it is capable of outstanding results that will hold up not just when posting to the web, but when making enormous prints.  At low ISOs the color accuracy and detail and acutance/micro-contrast is mind blowing, especially in light of the size of the camera.
Yes, its pictures are grand – but is it worth a grand (as it is presently retailing just below the $1000 mark here in the U.S.)?  Yes!  And no.  If you are going to use it regularly it is easily worth that.   And if you take the kinds of pictures I have posted with this review, then I think you will use this camera regularly.  It is capable of world class photos and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.  On the other hand, if you need (or want) a versatile camera, good ISO performance, excellent auto focusing, a zoom lens, or fast and easy processing of images, then you should keep moving because this camera is not for you and you will never use or appreciate its full potential.
It certainly is a very interesting camera which many people (including yours truly) have overlooked because of its many quirks. But the image quality is absolutely a stunning one.