White joy

We got some snow yesterday and our boys were really thrilled about it as they are every year when we have first snow. They are so happy even if we have lots of snow here every winter. Unfortunately it seems that this snow will now smelt down because weather forecast promises some plus degrees. I like the snow too because it gives so much light.

Here is one shot of Kaapo enjoying snow and his Stiga sled. Shot with X-Pro1 and XF 35mm F1.4 R lens. It was taken at 4:27 pm and I had to use ISO 1600 with F 2.0.


Promise of spring

Steep slope ahead, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

As we are now having some plus degrees, snow is melting. Well, we have so much snow that our boys are able to use their sleds still but now I feel that spring is really approaching. It is a great feeling; sun is shining and my mood is high!