Scooting around

Now that I have Fuji X100F I took it with me to the scoot park where my son was jumping around with his scoot. Have to say that the focusing of X100F usually nails the shot at least in good light. He was going around with quite fast pace and I was really pleased how the little camera coped those situations.

Scooting around

Birthday hairdo

Tiitus wanted to have some punk attitude for his birthday party.

Tiitus 7 years old - in SuperCorner sports park

Great Christmas party at Kaapo’s school

Yesterday evening we enjoyed superb Christmas party with many plays and music at Kaapo’s school. It is so nice that his school still has these traditional happenings with lots of parents and other spectators. There is always a nice buffet before the plays and music starts. Many schools in Finland nowadays do not have these evening parties anymore. That really is a pity.

That Santa looks familiar to me

Agents dancing

“Agents” was Kaapo’s dancing group’s performance this year. They did all the choreography themselves and decided the clothing, music and all. It was so great to see their joy and to be a proud father. There were altogether 13 different groups performing (about 70-80 children) and Kaapo’s group had all the boys! So, only two (2) boys. Dancing is a fantastic hobby also for boys, believe me.

Agents dancing

1/250, f/2, ISO 800


Not a real one but a gingerbread-one. I used here Positive film effect when shooting with my Ricoh GRD IV and I love the colors.

Dachshund coming up
1/125, f/1.9, ISO 566

Crazy eyes

I was going through old (from summer 2013) Ricoh GR shots and this was one which got my attention. This shot makes me longing the GR because of the shallow DoF and high amount of details.

Crazy eyes


My younger son, Tiitus (6 years), is a keen wrestler and a tough guy.

The wrestling expression

Gaming glow

Don’t let them play console or computer games too much. Interfere with some other things. Remember school work. Remember to go outside and feel the weather and nature. Thanks.

Gaming glow