The only boy

Kaapo loves to dance. He has now been two years in a modern dance class and he really likes to perform this wonderful art. In addition to the artistic part dancing is very good physical exercise and improves a lot of coordination and balance. What I have been wondering about is the very low number of boys in these dancing classes. Do people still think that dancing is not enough “boyish” hobby? Anyways, Kaapo is the only boy in his dancing class. 



Ice skating is fun

Kaapo was very happy to go ice skating first time this winter. He was amazingly good after a such long pause. We have an ice skating rink very near to our place and usually it has decent ice. Now the ice was quite snowy but actually that was a good thing because it was not too slippery for Kaapo. I saw from his face that he was enjoying a lot. Here are few shots of Kaapo ice skating, having a pause, and getting up after falling down. I am quite amazed how nicely Fuji X100 coped those difficult lighting conditions. 

Boys love snow

Our boys, Kaapo and Tiitus, really love snow but this winter has not been very good in that respect. But now we have some and they enjoy.  


Test post from Blogsy

Just a quick test using Blogsy for iPad to write a blog post here. This app seems to have very nice formatting tools and nice handy link to my Flickr account to attach photos here. Let’s try to include one Christmas shot here:



Lunch in a Chinese restaurant

Kaapo is here thinking about which kind of lunch he is going to get. It was the first time our sons got Chinese food and they liked it. Some dishes were litlle bit too spicy but in general it was a real success and I am sure we will visit there again.

Leaves, leaves, leaves

Leaves, leaves, leaves, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

Soon they’ll throw snowballs! We have already had some minus degrees (C) in the night time and some mornings have been quite “crispy”. Haven’t had so much time for photographing that I’d wanted though.

Friends forever

Friends forever, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

Alpo is coming home today evening. We are so much waiting for him. He is a miniature wirehaired dachshund and our Hiski (9 years old dachshund) is Alpo’s father. After our dear Hannes died two years ago we have been missing a third dog. Sounds quite crazy but it is so.

I will be posting more pics of Alpo after his arrival. It is always so nice to have a new family member!

Tiitus in front of a field

Tiitus in front of a field, originally uploaded by Jonne Naarala.

Through his smile I am thanking all my friends from U.S.A. for their wonderful and warm friendship. We should cherish our international friendships to make the world a better place. Tenth Anniversary of 9/11.

I am trying to start my blog again. Yes, I know. I have done this many times and I always have an endurance for few months to write here. But I can always hope…